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Dr. Kathleen Smith

I love helping people think differently about life’s challenges and their relationships with other humans. I frequently speak to groups across the globe about the value of systems thinking. How do people begin to notice the anxious, rigid patterns in which an organization becomes stuck? How do they begin to operate more thoughtfully, flexibly, and creatively in relationship to each other? My presentations are accessible, practical, and rooted in science, and my goal is to help people get a better sense of how our systems operate and what they have the potential to be.

I’ve spoken to groups including:

  • Government (i.e. U.S. Department of Defense)
  • Think tanks
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Global non-profits
  • Clergy training programs
  • Leadership coaching organizations
  • Religious congregations
  • Graduate psychology programs
  • University counseling centers

Presentation topic examples:

  • The Relationship Patterns That Keep Us Stuck
  • Learning to be a Systems Thinker
  • Staying Curious in an Anxious World
  • Opening Up a Closed Relationship System
  • Thinking Differently About Anxiety
  • Building Person-to-Person Relationships
  • How to Be More Responsible for Yourself (Instead of Everyone Else)

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As Seen In

The New York Times
The Washington Post
New York Magazine
Women’s Health
Psychology Today
American Psychological Association

The Anxious Overachiever

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